About IDM

International Data Management has provided international real estate title searches and title insurance for over two decades.  We have earned an industry-wide reputation because of our service orientation, technical knowledge and practical know-how. Our aim is to support your success when investing in international real estate or developing offshore property by providing specialized advice, a variety of tailored products and unequaled service.

IDM’s story begins with the construction of our computerized databases of  Bahamian land records. Our databases are our foundation. They make automated title searches possible and enable a number of informative reports that are critical when pricing, buying, selling and developing Bahamian property. In 1987, our efforts were rewarded by being appointed an international title insurance policy-issuing agent by the leading underwriters. Since then, we have added a full line of services and products to meet individual needs for the Caribbean. We can package and tailor the products and services needed for your particular transaction and jurisdiction.

We have also built specialized programs for the international developer, hence our tag line “International Title Developer Services”.  

Our staff has decades of experience handling unique situations and addressing problematic title matters in The Bahamas and Caribbean region.

Our mission is to provide clients peace of mind when investing in international real estate or developing property in The Bahamas and The Caribbean by delivering unequaled, personalized service.

Whether you are dealing with a single lot, a large parcel of land or embarking on an international development, contact IDM for support.

The IDM Website


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